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New Profile Posts

  1. ArmandoFis
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  2. Stefan
    Stefan Juho Sirviö
    Hey i have a question about your repair process if you’re still active on this page:)
    1. Juho Sirviö
      Juho Sirviö
      Oh yeah I come here like once a week usually lmao
      May 26, 2020 at 7:08 AM
  3. R200
    Hi I’m Chris ride a 2011 r125 has since new
  4. jhonny
    Hey I am jhonny and i ride Yamaha R125 2019 Model
  5. Jed
    My loyal fans, following me wherever I go \/
  6. JamesK
    Jed smells like poo - Felix is the best
  7. Felix
    damn yourself Jed you dutty female genitalia
  8. Jed
    Ah I miss what it used to be like here, hope you're all good wherever you might be these days...
  9. seb15243
    Yzf r125, RS50 Streetfighter and Honda VFR750.
  10. Matthew Worrall
    Matthew Worrall
    Need help big time
  11. stevenroberts r125
    stevenroberts r125
    I want the better weather to hurry up and come so i can get back on my bike lol
  12. DAMIAN
    DAMIAN Jed
    Hello mate i have a 2010 r125 that stopped running on the way home from work i have spark compression and fuel but still wont start when ignition is turned on and i put it in gear an pull the clutch in theres a click noise fron one of the 4 relays in where passenger seat goes any advice would be apreciated as need to comute apoligise if any inconvienianced and thanks either way
    Supporting vendor
  14. MT125K@rl
    [email protected]
    I recently just picked up my Yamaha MT 125 on the 1st August and very much enjoying the new experience. i did have a Honda Grom before this
  15. MT125K@rl
    [email protected]
    First like to say Hi to everyone on here.
  16. Daddyplanes
    Help needed pls just bought a yzfr125 2016
  17. James collins
    James collins
    In need of a Milwaukee seat cowl to go with my faring kit but can’t find one anywhere and help?
  18. Nathan Downey
    Nathan Downey Fisher
    hello fisher I'm fairly new to this forum and I can't find any tips or lists of possible mods for Yamaha yzf r125 2018 model could you help me please?
  19. Felix
    Eyyyy ooooohhhhhhh
  20. Bengt
    Hi does anyone have a picture of where the negative ground cable are attached to ground? (not on the battery) on YZF R125 2010